GAVARI- a unique trible dance drama of mewar

Gavari is a kind of dance drama that epitomizes radically a distinctive performing- art form found in the cultural heritage of the Bhils. It can be said to be unique in the sense that it delightfully synthesizes theatre, folk-dance, folk-music, folklores, folktales, mythology, religious faith and beliefs, rituals, and the tribal way of life of the Bhils .It is performed every year in a given season for one and a quarter of a month (about forty days) as a manifestation of devotion to lord Shiva and his wife Párvati.
Almost all activities in
Gavari orient around these divine beings .When performed it assumes the spirit of a festival celebrated with full scale religious fervor.
Documentary Film - GAVARI
Duration - 30 Min
Subtitle- English
Director - Mr. Harish Meghwal
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